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A practice in which a person or business pays someone to find new clients or referrals, and pays that person a percentage of the increased transactions resulting from those referrals
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HOW PRESS SIZE FACTORS IN: This determines whether you should go with a kick-forward or kick-back design.
SOCIALIST EDEK leader Yiannakis Omirou has refuted allegations that his party received e1/420,000 in kick-backs related to the Paphos Sewerage Board scandal.
"There was always going to be some kick-back from that and any injuries eat into our squad numbers."
Starting Industrial has also introduced an electric starter for engines with features such as a push-button start, an easy-pull recoil starter as backup, a self-charging circuit and an improved resistance to shock from engine kick-back. The starter is designed for use in 20 to 30 cc, two-cycle engines made for trimmers, brush cutters and blowers.
Just be sure to clock in some kick-back, party-free hours.
THE CANADIAN province of Quebec's opposition political parties have called for a public enquiry into a recent price-fixing scandal whereby two ex-VP's from alcohol monopoly, the Societe des Alcools du Quebec (SAQ) admitted being involved in kick-back scheme with French wine producers.