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Our only role, then, is to kick back and watch it fall, whether at our fully electronic desks, basking in irony from our corporation-sponsored perch on the wired edge, or huddled around the fires of our homeless encampment comparing nipple rings.
All the microbes have to do is kick back and wait for your leftovers to drop in.
They should kick back with John and see Cedras for the pussycat he is.
Spiteful magazines such as Spy and Forbes, which regularly pillory the Clintons in unnecessarily vituperative terms, will have to kick back $10 per subscriber to the federal government.
In a statement here he said that BRT was a transparent project and the hue and cry of the opponents alleging kick back in the project has no justification and far from the truth.
Every morning he comes in wearing a suit jacket which he continues to keep on during the entire broadcast of his two-hour show, while all the other DJ's just kick back in their jeans and T-shirts.
For the rest of us, kick back and enjoy some top trash telly, even if it does have a modern moral kick.
The Podge & Rodge Show RTE Two - Tomorrow & Tuesday, 10.50pm IT'S THE last two shows of the season, and therefore your last chance to relax, kick back and enjoy the slagging with the Ballydung brothers.
Inside Seattle-Tacoma International Airport's Central Terminal, kick back in a mahogany rocking chair with a cup of hot chocolate and survey the action on the runway--or, on a clear day, the sunset behind the Olympic Mountains--through a 60- by 350-foot glass wall.
COMEDY lovers can kick back and chill as they watch the new Phil Cool stand up show next month.
I thought I d grab a six pack, disconnect the DVD player, hook up the VCR, and kick back and watch a bunch of old videos back to back (many of which I lost the covers for years ago).