Keynote Address

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A speech given at a conference, designed to present the issues of primary interest or concern to those assembled, evoke unity, promote enthusiasm, etc.
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Rick Sommer, president and CEO of Citation Corp., gave the conference's keynote address, focusing on the need for change within the industry.
Secretary of the Treasury, and the decision of C-SPAN to telecast Secretary John Snow's keynote address several times marked another first for the Institute.
Following two days of administrative business meetings, the General Session I will open on May 21 with a keynote address from Dr.
In addition to Dorfmueller's keynote address, the conference also featured seven other presentations that covered a variety of technical and production advances in coldbox binder systems.
The panels will be followed by a luncheon keynote address by Senator Alphonse D'Amato, who is expected to discuss the positive effects of development on the city and state.
Charles Rossotti delivers his final keynote address as IRS Commissioner; he retired in November.
Maurizio Galimberti, manager of Materials Innovati Pirelli, will present the keynote address.