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Pertaining to, or possessing the characteristics of, a ketone.
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1 eV, (4) phenolic (aromatic-C connected to O group (COH) in phenols) and ketonic C (carbonyl substituted aromatic structures of quinones, phenols and ketones) at 286.
The sample is also found to contain small quantities of the ketonic compounds and thiols.
The presence of OH COOH or ketonic group and a double bond in these compounds were liable to be reacted with the cell membrane and cellular content of both the superficial and deeper layers of epidermis.
According to the company, the continued high pace growth from 20112012 came from a larger global validation of Aakash's existing product line (organic pigments, amide waxes, ketonic /PVB resins, specialty dyes) as sales expanded quickly into South America, Europe and Asia, complemented by strong sales in North America.
1M sodium borohydride (NaBH4) soultion for the reduction of aldehyde or ketonic linkages.
and van Staden, 1997); plant used in Guatemala for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, anti- bacterial activity of ethanolic extracts of the plant reported against enterobacteria (Caceres, 1993; Caceres, 1990); anti-microbial activity reported for leaf and stem ketonic extracts (Jurenez Misas, 1979); anti-microbial activity of aqueous extract of plant against Staphylococcus avreus (Gram and Demello, 1999); four anti-bacterial compounds--morin-3-O-a-L- lyxopyramoside, morin-3-O-a-L- arabopyranoside, guaijavarin, and quercetin isolated from leaves (Arima and Danno, 2002).
The chemical process in which cyclohexane (a main component of petroleum and natural gas) oxidizes into ketonic and alcoholic products needs a type of non-homogeneous catalyst that guarantees a high selectivity and efficiency and are able to leave reaction vessel easily," she added.
People on HPLC diets tend to become ketonic quickly, something that can be measured easily with a urine dipstick.
There is also a stressing demand to exploit potential resources of feed, provide better storage facilities and save the feed ingredients from unwanted biochemical processes like oxidative, hydrolytic and ketonic rancidity of fat in the feed/feed stuffs.
Clinical values change dramatically as the sow becomes hypoglycemic, hyperkalemic, and ketonic.