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Pertaining to, or possessing the characteristics of, a ketone.
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This category featured a furan ring at C-14, 15, 16 positions and a ketonic group at C-1 or C-3 position.
They probably form the more stable ketonic and aldehydic groups, by the migration of the low-molecular mass oxidized material, e.
NEW YORK, April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Ketonic Labs, home of Pure Raspberry Ketone, Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract, SaffronX, White Kidney Bean Extract, and Pure GCE is having a one time sale on all of their products
These authors also observed that the intensity of this peak increases with the number of processing cycles and this was attributed to the formation of ketonic group.
RESAFEN[R] phenolic and ketonic resins for publication gravure mad packaging inks.
9 Chemical shift (ppm): 150-160 160-190 190-200 Functional groups Phenolic Carboxyl Ketonic ester (integrated peak C C and amide C area %): Peat HA 5.
Aldehydic and ketonic acids are converted to their oxime derivatives to stabilize the oxo group before extraction and silylation.