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Pertaining to, or possessing the characteristics of, a ketone.
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Peak assignments are as follows: (1) quinone and diene C at 284.5 eV, (2) aryl and olefinic C at 285.2 eV, (3) unsaturated C at 286.1 eV, (4) phenolic (aromatic-C connected to O group (COH) in phenols) and ketonic C (carbonyl substituted aromatic structures of quinones, phenols and ketones) at 286.7 eV, (5) aliphatic and carbonyl C (carbonyl functionalities from aromatic ketones) at 287.7 eV, (6) carboxylic C, carbonyl C in carboxylic acids, aromatic alcohols and polysaccharide structures at 288.4 eV, (7) O-alkyl C (e.g.
The absence of any oxymethine proton resonance around A 3.20 suggested that the C-3 in compound (4) was ketonic rather than alcoholic.
The presence of OH COOH or ketonic group and a double bond in these fractions were liable to be reacted with the cell membrane and cellular contents of both superficial and deeper layers of epidermis causing irritancy.
This category featured a furan ring at C-14, 15, 16 positions and a ketonic group at C-1 or C-3 position.
In these conditions, the authors hypothesized an increase of the use of ketonic bodies as a source of energy in coeliac patients, consistently with the higher observed levels of 3-hydroxybutyric acid in blood and acetoacetate in urines [49].
Johnson, "Metabolism of ketonic acids in animal tissues," The Biochemical Journal, vol.
The FT-IR spectral studies showed that WAS is principally made up of lignin and cellulose, containing functional groups such as alcoholic, ketonic, and carboxylic groups.
Dudley, "An enzyme concerned with the formation of hydroxy acids from ketonic aldehydes," The Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
The proposal pathway of the reaction is given as Scheme 1 where potassium permanganate in alkaline medium oxidizes FEX from enolic to ketonic form and yields the bluish green color due to the production of manganate ion.
Bjorkhem (35) also reported that at least a small fraction of fatty acids may be subject to primary [omega]-oxidation prior to [beta]-oxidation in the ketonic state.
The characteristic peak at 1715 [cm.sup.-1] can be ascribed to the ketonic group of tannic acid, which shifts to 1646 [cm.sup.-1] after chemical conversion.