keto acid

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carboxylic acid

an organic compound containing the carboxy group (-COOH), which is weakly ionized in solution forming a carboxylate ion (-COO).
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ke·to ac·id

(kē'tō as'id),
An acid containing a ketone group (-CO-) in addition to the acid group(s); α-keto acid refers to a 2-oxo acid (for example, pyruvic acid); β-keto acid refers to a 3-oxo acid (for example, acetoacetic acid), etc.
Synonym(s): oxo acid
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ke·to ac·id

(kē'tō as'id)
An acid containing a ketone group (-CO-) in addition to the acid group(s).
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The keto acids contain a carbonyl group on adjacent carbon atom to carboxylic acid in PYR KB MKBA KG K3MVA K4MVA and PPY and reacted with DDB to form cyclic ring structure as substituted tetramethyl dihydro-pyrazinol (Fig.
The precision was established by repeated determination (n=6) using a mixture of seven keto acids within 1-2g/mL and RSD did not exceed 2.9 % in terms ofpeak height.
Muhling et al [34] reported the separation of seven keto acids after precolumn derivatization with 12-phenylenediamine using gradient elution in 28 min with fluorometric detection.
guaymasensis and most likely all [beta]-keto acid ferredoxin oxidoreductases (KORs) can catalyze the nonoxidative decarboxylation of keto acids to produce corresponding aldehydes [6, 9].
The reagent blank was prepared following the same procedure, without the addition of a- keto acids.
Blood sample (5 ml) collected from the diabetic patient was treated as determination of a- Keto acids from Serum.
The urine sample (2 mL) in duplicate from diabetic patient was treated as Determination of a- Keto acids from Urine.
In fact, a previous study demonstrated its usefulness in improving precision of keto acids analysis (2).