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R-N=C(R')(R''); a tautomer of an aldimine, formed in many enzyme-catalyze reactions, for example, aminotransferases.
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This ketimine can be used as a latent chain extender in order to control the NCO -- NH reaction, and can also be existed in a hydrophilic isocyanateterminated prepolymer without a reaction taking place.
alpha],[beta]-Unsaturated ketimines are chalcone Schiff's bases posses various pharmacological properties [16-18].
Typical procedure for synthesis of [alpha],[beta]-unsaturated ketimines
In continuation of earlier research work devoted towards development of green chemistry and development of new synthetic methodologies in organic chemistry [25] herein, we report a simple, efficient and environmentally benign procedure for synthesis of some new [alpha],[beta]-unsaturated ketimines from condensation of 2-hydroxychalcone with substituted aromatic amines in water suspension with high yields (Scheme 1).
Recently various method have been developed for the synthesis [alpha],[beta]-unsaturated ketimines which involves use of hazardous solvent and costly chemicals/catalyst [19-23].
Additives such as ketimines and secondary polyether amines can increase these systems' flowability while giving processors greater control over reactivity and product properties.