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R-N=C(R')(R''); a tautomer of an aldimine, formed in many enzyme-catalyze reactions, for example, aminotransferases.
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An increase in viscosity in region I arises from a relative decrease of acetone content in the solution, in which polyether segments lose their solvation sheaths and come together forming hydrophobic associates that physically cross-link (2); while the chain extender of diamine derivative that partially performs the chain extension of NCO -- NH reaction, and that is partially blocked by acetone forming a ketimine (acetimine) (21).
This ketimine can be used as a latent chain extender in order to control the NCO -- NH reaction, and can also be existed in a hydrophilic isocyanateterminated prepolymer without a reaction taking place.
Accumulation of cystathionine ketimine can aggravate the myocardial damage.
M/Z RT VIP Formula 97.9769 753.0 0.218203 [H.sub.3]P[O.sub.4] 165.0790 521.4 0.287885 [C.sub.9][H.sub.11]N[O.sub.2] 102.0317 876.0 0.309992 [C.sub.4][H.sub.6][O.sub.3] 203.0252 1789.8 0.312836 [C.sub.7][H.sub.9]N[O.sub.4]S M/Z Metabolites 97.9769 Phosphoric acid 165.0790 L-Phenylalanine 102.0317 Acetoacetic acid 203.0252 Cystathionine ketimine Table 9: Metabolic pathways involved in parts of the same metabo- lites from serums of patients with CHD and CRF showing dampness syndrome.
[alpha],[beta]-Unsaturated ketimines are chalcone Schiff's bases posses various pharmacological properties [16-18].
Typical procedure for synthesis of [alpha],[beta]-unsaturated ketimines
In continuation of earlier research work devoted towards development of green chemistry and development of new synthetic methodologies in organic chemistry [25] herein, we report a simple, efficient and environmentally benign procedure for synthesis of some new [alpha],[beta]-unsaturated ketimines from condensation of 2-hydroxychalcone with substituted aromatic amines in water suspension with high yields (Scheme 1).
Recently various method have been developed for the synthesis [alpha],[beta]-unsaturated ketimines which involves use of hazardous solvent and costly chemicals/catalyst [19-23].
In conclusion, we have first time reported a simple and efficient synthesis for [alpha],[beta]-unsaturated ketimines from 2-hydroxychalcone and substituted aromatic amines under water suspension.
Additives such as ketimines and secondary polyether amines can increase these systems' flowability while giving processors greater control over reactivity and product properties.