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1. a highly reactive acetylating agent, used in chemical syntheses.
2. Any substituted ketene.
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Then after sufficient time apply the mixture of general vinyl ester resin and catalyst(Methyl Ethyl Ketene peroxide),promoter (dimethyl aniline) and accelerator (Cobalt 93) as binding agents on the surface of the fiber
Alkyl Ketene Dimer (AKD) sizing of paper under simplified treatment conditions.
The aim of the proposed partnership was the production of alkyl ketene dimer (AKD) wax in China.
The peak appeared at 2354 [cm.sup.-1] can be associated with =C=O in ketene group [16].
BASF and Kemira today announced that Kemira will acquire BASF's global alkyl ketene dimer (AKD) emulsion business.
Kirsch, "Substituted selenophenes starting from ketene dithioacetals and sodium selenide," Synlett, no.
In addition, the research terms have developed a number of MEMS gas sensors such as for chlorine, aviation kerosene, gasoline, alkynes, alkenes, hydrocarbon, ammonia, ketene, alcohol, benzene, and glacial acetic acid.
Bhuva et al., "Water mediated construction of trisubstituted pyrazoles/isoxazoles library using ketene dithioacetals," Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry, vol.
In a recent column, I mentioned that my graduate research involved the identification and reactivity of novel ketenes. One of my first tasks was to confirm a synthetic pathway for naphthyl-ketene that had been previously developed by a post-doc student and subsequently characterize the product after reaction of the ketene with a free radical.
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