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Specific serotonin 5HT2-receptor antagonist with antihypertensive properties; the drug also reduces platelet aggregation produced by serotonin. Shown to reduce the severity and frequency of the vasospasm in Raynaud's phenomenon.
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sup][25] Moreover, it has been shown that these effects can be inhibited by 5-HT[sub]2AR blockers such as ketanserin, which suppresses 5-HT release and protects the heart against ischemia.
Subchronic treatment with fluoxetine and ketanserin increases hippocampal brainderived neurotrophic factor, [beta]-catenin and antidepressantlike effects.
In addition, the serotonin receptor antagonist ketanserin is known to inhibit larvae from metamorphosing in response to NOS inhibitors and nicotinamide (Biggers et al.
Effects of MDMA (Ecstasy) on Prepulse Inhibition and Habituation of Startle in Humans after Pretreatment with Citalopram, Haloperidol, or Ketanserin.
Contract awarded for ketanserin, 2% gel 75 g - 100 g.
Ketanserin and tetrabenazine abolish aggression in mice lacking monoamine oxidase A.
Por otra parte, las mujeres tratadas con ketanserin mostraron menor persistencia en las cifras de presion arterial elevada en comparacion con las tratadas con hidralazina, pero las mujeres tratadas con hidralazina mostraron menor probabilidad de desarrollar sindrome Hellp.
In another study, Verreck et al37 have demonstrated the use of (nonbiodegradable polymer scaffolds) PU nanofibrous scaffolds produced by electrospinning for the delivery of water-insoluble drugs such as intraconazole and ketanserin.
Drugs with insufficient evidence include pentoxifylline, antiplatelet agents (aspirin), vasodilators, including buflomedil, L-arginine, prostaglandins, ketanserin and other agents.
Above pancreatostimulatory effects of luminal administration of melatonin, were completely reversed by bilateral vagotomy, capsaicin deactivation of sensory nerves or pretreatment of the rats with CCK1 receptor antagonist; tarazepide as well as serotonin antagonist; ketanserin.
The study concluded that the Bacopa extract displaces antagonist [3H] Ketanserin from serotonin receptor 5HT2a isolated from rats, and exhibited even stronger effects in its displacement of agonist 8-OH-DPAT from the 5HT1a receptor.