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His nasal symptoms improved after he quit using ketamine and received regular intranasal rinses and endoscopic debridement during follow-up.
In children, intranasal midazolam-sufentanyl and ketamine-midazolam combinations or propofol and ketamine anesthesia are used intravenously for dental treatments.
Appraisal: This study was unique in evaluating intranasal ketamine versus intranasal fentanyl in children via a comparative trial format.
A type of ketamine that couldn't be broken down easily into HNKs didn't ease signs of depression.
Keywords: Ketamine (KE), refractory status epilepticus (RSE), status epilepticus (SE).
We have to develop this rationally," said ketamine researcher Gerard Sanacora, MD, PhD, lead author of an APA consensus statement published in JAMA Psychiatry (2017;74[4]:399-405) urging caution on use of ketamine for mood disorders, and professor of psychiatry and director of the Depression Research Program at Yale University, New Haven, Conn.
Adverse effects can include nausea and headache in patients with a history of migraine, said anesthesiologist Gregory Simelgor, MD, who runs a ketamine clinic near Minneapolis.
Key words: Horses, Standing sedation, Acepromazine, Detomidine, Ketamine, Xylazine, Hematology.
15 ( ANI ): A low dose of ketamine, an anaesthetic drug which is more effective than a commonly used sedative, may be significantly effective for reducing suicidal thoughts in patients with depression, a study has recently revealed.