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The central portion of the software expression of a mathematical algorithm, as in computed tomography.
[O.E. cyrnel, a little corn]
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After cooking corn kernels briefly with garlic, salt, and pepper, some of the corn is set aside while most go into a food processor bowl with pine nuts, Parmesan.
Section 2 reviews the background of extreme learning machine, extreme learning machine with kernel and multiple kernel learning.
Colonel Kernel Popcorn: Rod Taylor, 512-825-8709,
Our XtremeScale NICs with Onload kernel bypass software have a proven track record of accelerating Linux-based application performance by reducing kernel IO, said Ahmet Houssein, Vice President of Marketing at Solarflare.
Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Kernel Season's is a creator of branded popcorn seasoning.
Nonetheless, the GMKL algorithm is just specialized in the combination of the sparse MKL method and the nonsparse kernel learning method, [L.sub.2]-norm MKL.The research made a contribution to the merging of the [L.sub.1]- and [L.sub.2]-norm MKL, and the GMKL in a general model [9].
The nonlinear regression can be determined when the kernel function is selected.
where i represents the class label, K([E.sub.i] [E.sup.T.sub.i]) = ([phi]([E.sub.i]), [phi]([E.sub.i])) represents the kernel function, and () denotes the inner product.
Kernels from two wild fruits in Mozambique, Adansonia digitata and Sclerocarya birrea, were selected for this study to determine their amino acid and fatty acid composition, as well as the monomeric composition of their dietary fibre.