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The effect of tear osmolarity on repeatability of keratometry for
CCT, ACD, LT, AL, K1 and K2 keratometry, and WTW measurements were obtained by optical biometer (Haag-Streit LenStar[R] LS 900 Optical Biometer Switzerland) by the same experienced physician (M.U.) for glaucoma cases and control subjects.
Keratometry readings before the surgery and at the end of 1st, 6th and 12th post procedural weeks were recorded in horizontal (K1) and vertical meridian (K2) by utilizing topcon auto kerato-refractometer.
KEYWORDS: Keratometry, Verion optical imaging, Pentacam, Galilei.
For the clinical evaluation of SCD by ophthalmologists examination of cornea was done by biomicroscopy, specular microscopy, topography, keratometry, orbscan and far visual acuity.
In cases where measurements could not be made using these devices, A-scan ultrasonography was used and keratometry values were calculated using an autorefractor keratometer.
An autorefractometer (RM-8800 Autorefractor, Topcon, Tokyo, Japan) was used for keratometry measurements and objective refraction.
(iii) Paraclinical examinations: corneal topography (Topcon), Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA, Reichert, Depew, NJ), pachymetry (or central corneal thickness (CCT)), and topographic indices (maximum keratometry reading (Kmax) and the keratoconus prediction index (KPI)).
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Certain biometric readings such as axial length and keratometry are performed before calculating the intraocular lens power for cataract surgery.
We defined the progression of keratoconus as an increase of at least 0.75 diopter (D) in the steepest keratometry, a degradation of visual acuity, and an increase of 0.75 D or more in the manifest cylinder over the preceding 12 months.