keratinized epithelium

ker·at·i·niz·ed ep·i·the·li·um

(keri-tin-īzd epi-thēlē-ŭm)
Outer protective surface of stratified squamous epithelium.
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In case of inflammation the infiltrate has metaplastic epithelium in the cyst which gives rise to stratified non keratinized epithelium.
All the sutures were intact without breaking down of wound, 1st month--Better fusion of edges, 3rd month--The graft intra oral site predominantly seen still in the form of keratinized epithelium with minute pinkish areas, 4th month--The grafted intra oral site shows mixed appearance of pinkish mucosa like areas mixed with keratinized mucosa, 6th month--Minor patchy areas of keratinized epithelium seen with no differentiation of the borders of the flap with the mucosa and a predominantly well healed pinkish mucosa like areas were seen.
Histologically, mucosa has nonkeratinized epithelium and therefore has greater similarity to the urethra than skin, which has a keratinized epithelium [5, 8].
The tongue of the Magellanic penguin showed a highly keratinized epithelium both in the dorsal and ventral regions, as it was observed with other penguin species (KOBAYASHI et al.
The mass was comprised of stratified squamous keratinized epithelium overlying a thick collagenous stroma which merged with conjunctival tissue that contained submucosal glandular tissue (Fig.
They are expressed in the suprabasal layer and act as a barrier function of stratified keratinized epithelium.
HPV infection of keratinized epithelium, such as the penile skin, might generate lower and weaker immune responses than infection of mucosal epithelium such as the cervix or anal canal.
It was noted from our present study that the epithelial lining of the stomach are mainly simple columnar with the exception of the cardia and fundus which had stratified squamous keratinized epithelium (Table I.
Odontogenic keratocysts are dentigerous or primordial in origin, lined with keratinized epithelium, and more prevalent in the posterior portions of the body and ramus of the mandible.
In men, the goal of immunization is more challenging--protection of abraded keratinized epithelium, the investigator continued.
Dermatomycosis is a superficial fungal dermatological infection, confined to keratinized epithelium and common in small animals.
INTRODUCTION: Congenital cholesteatoma arises from the embryonic epidermal crest, is a benign Disease with slow progressive growth that destroys neighboring structures, it is considered an epidermal cyst originating from the remnants of squamous keratinized epithelium, the disease may appear in several regions of the temporal bone such as in the middle ear (most frequent site) as well as in the petrous apex, cerebellopontine angle, external acoustic meatus and mastoid process, congenital cholesteatoma of the mastoid process is the rarest form of presentation in the temporal bone, only 2 to 4% of cholesteatoma presenting to pediatric otologist are congenital in origin.