keratinized epithelium

ker·at·i·niz·ed ep·i·the·li·um

(keri-tin-īzd epi-thēlē-ŭm)
Outer protective surface of stratified squamous epithelium.
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Analysis of the fine-needle aspirate samples showed rare, nucleated, squamous epithelial cells; small to moderate amounts of nuclear keratinized epithelium; and a viscous or cystic background.
On 14th day of healing, a layer of stratified squamous keratinized epithelium including all four layers were visible in all four groups however the epithelium thickness was more in groups C and D than in group A.
Anatomic site-specific immune response has been observed, which suggests that HPV infection at keratinized epithelium is less likely to induce immune responses than infection of mucosal epithelium (3, 7).
After 12 weeks, the area was completely covered with newly formed keratinized epithelium, while the volume and architecture of the ridge were adequately preserved.
Its color may vary from cherry red of the granulation tissue to opaque whiteness of moist keratinized epithelium, depending on the degree to which the appearance of the granulation tissue is modified by its covering.
The resulting dermoid consists of ectodermal elements (keratinized epithelium, hairs, sebaceous and apocrine glands) and mesenchymal elements (fibrous tissue, fat and cartilage) combined in different proportions (Golubovic et al., 1995).
Histologically, mucosa has nonkeratinized epithelium and therefore has greater similarity to the urethra than skin, which has a keratinized epithelium [5, 8].
The tongue of the Magellanic penguin showed a highly keratinized epithelium both in the dorsal and ventral regions, as it was observed with other penguin species (KOBAYASHI et al., 1998) and in other birds, such as the white-tailed eagle (HOMBERGER; BRUSH, 1986), the cormorant (JACKOWIAK et al., 2006), the oriental scops owl, and the Japanese pigmy woodpecker (EMURA et al., 2009a and b), whose feeding habits depend on a more rigid and resistant tongue structure.
The mass was comprised of stratified squamous keratinized epithelium overlying a thick collagenous stroma which merged with conjunctival tissue that contained submucosal glandular tissue (Fig.
They are expressed in the suprabasal layer and act as a barrier function of stratified keratinized epithelium. The most abundant cell envelope proteins are loricrin, involucrin and small proline rich proteins.
"HPV infection of keratinized epithelium, such as the penile skin, might generate lower and weaker immune responses than infection of mucosal epithelium such as the cervix or anal canal."
It was noted from our present study that the epithelial lining of the stomach are mainly simple columnar with the exception of the cardia and fundus which had stratified squamous keratinized epithelium (Table I.