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Having become keratinous.
Synonym(s): cornified
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The therapeutic measures applied yielded satisfactory root coverage, an increase in the zone (width) of keratinized gingiva, improvement in hygiene status and absence of dental hypersensitivity.
It is described as an inflamed, reddened mucosa that progresses to a multinodular, papular, gray-white keratinized mucosa [15] and usually only involves the palate.
14) The external surface of the skin consists of a keratinized squamous epithelium layer called the epidermis.
However, in keratinized hair exposed to sunlight, CBN was obviously further degraded.
The inner edge of the hind foot has a sharp keratinized tubercle used for digging.
If fine-needle aspiration is performed, the diagnosis of PM may be made only if all major components of PM are present in the aspirate, including calcium deposition, basaloid cells and keratinized ghost or shadow cells.
This surgery was designed to cover the defect with fresh, keratinized, healthy foot skin, which would be better able to hold up to the impact and pressures withstood at the plantar surface of the foot.
1988), which is not the case for rats where the buccal epithelium is keratinized (Shojaei 1998).
dendrobatidis has also recently been found on migratory waterfowl and may be carried among bodies of water by the infected keratinized feet and webbings of such birds (18).
Quantifying Melanosomes in the Keratinized Layer of the Skin of Painted Turtles Reared on Light and Dark Backgrounds.
The GINTUIT-treated sites generated a clinically significant amount of keratinized oral soft tissue.
23) Dermoid and epidermoid cysts are predominantly lined by keratinized stratified squamous epithelium resembling epidermis, rarely with areas of pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium, and contain luminal keratin debris, not mucus as seen in the nasolabial cyst.