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Having become keratinous.
Synonym(s): cornified
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The keratinized tissue condition is selected from the group consisting of acneiform eruptions, autoinflammatory syndromes, chronic blistering, conditions of the skin appendages, dermatitis, drug or agent eruptions, infection-related, papulosquamous hyperkeratosis, palmoplantar keratodcrmas, pruritis, psoriasis, conditions resulting from physical factors, or ionizing radiation-induced conditions, according to the patent.
There was a large amount of coccoid bacteria amidst necrotic areas and deposited in the keratinized layer, which was fragmented (Figures 1C and 1D).
The results showed that the rumen morphological characteristics, papillary surface area and keratinized layer of CFR (4.15mm2, 50.54um), were not significantly different from CF (3.81mm2, 49.26um) (P>0.05) but it was significantly different from kids in DM group (1.17mm2, 26.36um) (P<0.05).
Anatomic site-specific immune response has been observed, which suggests that HPV infection at keratinized epithelium is less likely to induce immune responses than infection of mucosal epithelium (3, 7).
The width of keratinized gingiva is one of the other factors that need to be evaluated in order not to encounter any periodontal problems during orthodontic treatment (9, 10).
In the posterior region of the mandible, a lack of keratinized gingiva is common so the installation of minipillars favors gingival health in this region.
We report here a case of a patient who presented with multiple reddish-brown keratinized papules coalescing to form serpiginous plaques in the anterior and posterior of the neck, which was found to be typical D-penicillamine-induced EPS.
The epidermis had typical characteristics, being composed of keratinized, stratified, squamous epithelial tissue, covered by a layer of loose connective tissue with some visible hair follicles.
The barrier between the keratinized mucosa and the dental implant.