keratic precipitates

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ke·rat·ic pre·cip·i·tates (KP),

inflammatory cells on the corneal endothelium.
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ke·rat·ic pre·cip·i·tates

(ker-at'ik prĕ-sip'i-tăts)
Inflammatory cells on the corneal endothelium.
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keratic precipitates (KP)

Cells (e.g. leukocytes) deposited on the endothelium of the cornea which occur as a result of inflammation of the iris or the ciliary body. They often collect in a triangular pattern with the base down (Arlt's triangle) on the inferior portion of the endothelial surface. They may also be distributed diffusely over the endothelium, as in Fuchs' heterochromic iridocyclitis or anterior uveitis, or concentrated in one area, as in disciform keratitis or herpes simplex keratitis. In granulomatous uveitis they are larger than in nongranulomatous uveitis, greasy in appearance (called 'mutton fat'). Following treatment of the primary cause they usually disappear. See cornea guttata.
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Ocular findings in 171 eyes of 161 patients at time of presentation Finding n (%) Keratic precipitates 168 (98.2%) Iris atrophy Heterochromia 47 (27.4%) Loss of iris crypts 41 (23.9%) Atrophy at the pupillary margin 80 (46.7%) Iris nodules Koeppe nodules 32 (18.7%) Koeppe ve Busacca nodules 4 (2.3%) Anterior chamber reaction [less than or equal to]+1 67 (39.2%) +1<x[less than or equal to]+2 15 (8.7%) Vitreous reaction [less than or equal to]+1 63 (36.8%) +1<x[less than or equal to]+2 52 (30.4%) +2<x[less than or equal to]+3 5 (2.9%) +4 (severe vitritis) 2 (1.2%) Lens opacity Posterior subcapsular opacity 82 (47.9%) Mature cataract 5 (2.9%) Nuclear opacity 2 (1.2%) Table 3.
(8) It can present between 20-50 years of age and with recurring episodes; one will observe keratic precipitates on the corneal endothelium.
On biomicroscopic examination, both eyes showed injected conjunctiva, corneal white ring infiltrates that matched the contours of corneal epithelial defects, white fluffy keratic precipitates, and normal appearing iris and lens (Figure 5).
White fluffy keratic precipitates and hypopyon can be seen at this stage.
Slit-lamp examination revealed diffuse large mutton-fat keratic precipitates (KPs) and a line which was parallel to the limbus in the peripheral corneal endothelium developed from KPs.
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0 Bacterial conjunctivitis as there is a rnuco-puruient discharge visible d) Anterior uveitis as there are keratic precipitates visible