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He also inspected arrangements for the ceremony at the Katas Raj temple.
We have also issued a directive to the principal of a public sector college in Katas Raj to grant leave to students, as the Indian pilgrims were supposed to stay at this college for three days,' he said.
The chief justice remarked that if the water of the pond adjacent to Katas Raj temple is depleting because of the cement factories located close to it, then the factories should make other arrangements to get water.
Justice Nisar made the announcement in a suo motu case hearing pertaining to the Katas Raj pond drying up.
He said development work was underway at Katas Raj Temple by Avacuee Trust that includes construction of 32 rooms, restoration of water supply at Holy pool.
The SC was hearing a Suo Motu case based on media reports that the Katas Raj pond is drying out due to water consumption by cement factories close by.
Islamabad [Pakistan], Dec 14 ( ANI ): Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar ordered the Bestway Cement Factory on Wednesday to refill the Katas Raj pond within one week, during the hearing of the suo motu case on the depletion of the pond located at the site of Hindus in Chakwal.
The chief justice directed the lower courts not to pass any order regarding Katas Raj temples as it was pending before the top court.
He was hearing a suou motu on the basis of media reports that the pond located in the Katas Raj temple complex was gradually drying up because cement factories nearby had drawn most of its water through a number of sub-soil wells.
Katas Rj located in the Katas Rj village near Choa Saidanshah, is one of the holiest temple sites of the Hindu religion and dedicated to hindu deity Shiva.
The fourth dan finally ended a long list of near misses at national level by striking kata gold at Ponds Forge in Sheffield, an achievement the Middlesbrough Karate Academy coach considers the best of his martial arts career.
The Katas: The Meaning Behind the Movements" looks at the katas, a philosophical principle that connects much of Japan's many martial arts, the underlying goal of a dedication to perfection and the endless pursuit of bettering oneself.