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Ackroyd reached the semi-finals of the children's brown and black belt kata and Charlotte Reason the last four of the children's novice fourth kyu kata.
Morgan Harvey from the stable of champions of the Ken Bu Kan earned a great bronze medal before Christopher Slack from Vale Karate and Kata medalist Sumaya Evans both reached their finals
10 Bronze medals team kata (Brendan Dube, Jamieson Dube, Beth Dube, Carter Hopping, Neo Liu, Henry Liu, Kelley Malone, Hayden Sorli, Rushil Bist)
For Hisham, this was his second gold medal of the tournament as he also won the Junior Mixed Team Kata alongside Chris Hamilton and Jack Somers.
Alex Lockwood was second in the Men's Cadets kata, Dave Newton third in the first kumite and above section, while Tom Kaye and Linus Rushworth also took bronze in the Men's pairs kata.
The team won the 1st Kata championship in Damascus on
Sports in Libya after the revolution is picking up, and the Libyan Judo Federation, that has consistently been one of the most active in recent years, will be represnting the country in the Arab Championship for Judo and Kata that are due to be held in Marrakech, Morocco, on January 19.
Karate is essentially organized around long combinations of punches, kicks, and blocks that are performed while moving through various stances; these long combinations are called kata in Japanese (or forms in English).
ClickPress, Wed Aug 03 2011] Funded by Thailand's Kasikorn Bank group, the new four-star Khaolak Cassaway Resort has been developed and built by the Kata Hotel Group, one of Thailand's premier hospitality providers.
BAHRAIN Karate-do Academy (BKA) won the trophy for best club after winning the most medals in the Kata discipline in a national karate tournament held in dedication to His Majesty the King.
Summary: KIT KATA introduces its dark chocolate counterpart across the Middle East
British Combat Association Hall of Fame member Gavin Mulholland does a fantastic job of showing how karate was developed as a complete and comprehensive fighting system with kata (formal exercises) as the map and gradings as the compass to developing real-life fighting skills in a logical progression that builds from kata to kata throughout the curriculum.