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presented the second case with 48,XXY,+mar karyotype determined by conventional cytogenetic analysis.
Karyotypes of the two species of abalones Nordotis discus and Nordolis giganlea.
A refned analysis of heterochromatn distributon and compositon is important to improve our knowledge of karyotype evoluton dynamics.
The group of Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) with 46XY karyotype can be due to several etiologies and require more extensive diagnostic evaluation.
lutzi presented a different karyotype of all species of the genus Panstrongylus, namely, 2n = 24 (20A + [X.sub.1][X.sub.2][X.sub.3]Y), being the Y sex chromosome heteropycnotic (Figure 1).
The karyotype characteristics (X0 SCS, a large biarmed X chromosome, and biarmed autosomes) observed in the five species studied here are the most common among the Pholcidae (see Araujo et al.
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Many translocations such as t(15;17), t(8;21) or inv(16)/t(16;16), (5q_/5, 7q_/_7, inv(3)/t(3;3), 12p_, 17p abnormalities, and complex karyotypes reportedly related with MLL are involved in the pathogenesis in both AML and acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL).
Karyotype symmetry was calculated according to indexes A1 and A2 (Romero Zarco, 1986), r>2 and R (Stebbins, 1971), AI (Paszko, 2006) and also CI.