Pertaining to or causing karyopyknosis.
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The CA1 region in PNS treatment groups displayed different appearance, in which the neurons were arranged regularly and densely and fewer karyopyknotic neurons were observed (Figures 1(a)-1(e)).
Karyopyknotic inclusions in the cytoplasm of neutrophils were first described in a patient on azathioprine therapy.
Scattered focal necroses containing 10-20 karyopyknotic cells are localized mainly in superficial ("skin cap") layers of the tumour and surrounding blood venular vessels, and in some superficial areas there are focal haemorrhages (photo not shown).
Other secondary measures included urogenital and ophthalmic symptoms, serum FSH, and karyopyknotic index.
And you had no karyopyknotic cells, which are the kinds that become malignant."