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The chromosome characteristics of an individual cell or of a cell line arranged in descending order of size and according to the position of the centromere. Usually presented as a systematized array of metaphase chromosomes from a photomicrograph of a single cell nucleus.
Synonym(s): idiogram (1) , karyogram
[karyo- + G. typos, model]
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We present techniques for the preparation of metaphase sea urchin chromosomal karyotypes and preliminary karyograms for both 5.
A limited number of these plates were used to plot karyograms as this technique, which is very accurate but long, was completed by flow cytometry DNA assay.
The karyogram obtained by arranging the chromosomes in order of decreasing size and centromere position is shown on Figure 1c.
However the t(8;8) fusion can be cryptic and may not be seen in all the karyograms. According to the current World Health Organization classification of soft tissue tumors, the consistent molecular detection of the HEY1-NCOA2 fusion in EMCS establishes it as a marker of potential clinical utility.
For each proband, 30 metaphases were counted and 5 metaphases were analyzed and karyograms were prepared using the Cytovision computer-assisted karyotyping system version 4.1 (Applied Imaging, NewCastle Upon Tyne, UK).