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kapu (kä·pōō),

n in the Hawaiian culture, a code of taboos, strictly practiced until the midnineteenth century. Violators of the code were banished or put to death.
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Yalcin and Kapu (2008) discussed different entrepreneurial dimensions in transitional economies and suggested two important dimensions such as entrepreneurial motives and entrepreneurial problems for transition economies.
There were also kapu that prohibited sexual relations with the kauwa, the "slave," "outcast" or "untouchable" class (Jensen and Jensen, 2005; Pukui and Handy, 1998).
misra'i ve Bir kapu bilmem kapundan gayri mulk-i Rumda Lutfuna ummid-varum ya emiru'lmuhsinin (HAMAMI 2001:161)
Far from being a precolonial anachronism, the 'Ihi Kapu retains capacities that-may be used to assist modern Hawaiian men in regaining their selfhood in the world.
Between men and women, there were many kapu laws and mores.
Once Westerners showed that kapu rules, such as the prohibition for men and women to eat together, could be violated without retribution and, further, that kapu rules could be used by Ali'i Nui to restrict new Western goods to themselves, the notion of kapu was transformed.
The tension (or "vitality of intervals," to reinvoke Trinh's formulation) between sensuality and that which is kapu surfaces a second time in the scene in which Koana takes Cowrie to her childhood swimming hole.
The kapu were laws that related to social class structure in the islands.
For reasons still debated by scholars,(17) Kamehameha I's successors chose to make a second significant change after his death in 1819 with the abolition of the traditional kapu (taboo) system, which had ascribed divine authority to kings and imposed harsh sanctions for insubordination.
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Kamehameha Schools Senior Asset Manager Kapu Smith, who oversees all agricultural activities on Kamehameha's 6,000 acres of Kawailoa farm lands, added that Kawailoa Wind provides important support to agriculture on the North Shore.