kallikrein system

kal·li·kre·in sys·tem

a blood serum system, the activity of which is initiated by factor XII leading to the production of prekallikrein activator and then to kallikrein which, after activation by plasmin, splits bradykinin from kininogen.
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The TJT involved basic pharmacological pathway map in antihypertension process was provided (Figure 5), including classical Kallikrein system, vascular oxidative stress, and inflammation injury pathway.
The disruption of the RAS pathway leads to negative feedback and compensatory kallikrein system activation [15-17].
Investigators have searched for the presence of a defect (or defects) in multiple pathways, including those of the renal kallikrein system, sodium epithelial transport system, renin-angiotensinogen-aldosterone pathway, and the catecholaminergic-adrenergic pathway; gene changes have also been searched for in genes for [alpha]-adducin and, more recently, G protein [beta] 3, nitric oxide (NOS), and G-protein-related kinase subtype 4 (GRK4) (9, 10).