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po·tas·si·um (K),

An alkaline metallic element, atomic no. 19, atomic wt. 39.0983, occurring abundantly in nature but always in combination; its salts are used medicinally. For organic potassium salts not listed below, see the name of the anion.
Synonym(s): kalium
[Mod. L., fr. Eng. potash (fr. pot + ashes) + -ium]
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An alkaline metallic element (atomic number 19; atomic weight 39.09), potassium is the principal intracellular cation (positive ion) and is critical in the synthesis of new molecules, transferring energy, muscle contraction, transmitting neural impulses and maintaining blood pressure. Potassium-rich foods include bananas, cereals, legumes, potatoes, prunes and raisins.
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Phosphate buffer was 0.125M dibasic sodium phosphate and 0.125M monobasic kalium phosphate containing 1 mM EDTA pH: 7.4.