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(kil?o-pas-kal') [Fr. kilo, a thousand, + Pascal, Fr. scientist],


In SI units, a unit of pressure equal to 1000 pascals. Attempts to have blood pressure expressed in kPa have not been accepted.
See: pascal


n kilopascal. See pascal.


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Developers which have relied more on KPR from banks will face greater difficulty with the increase in interest rate and KPA.
A pre-integrated reference design platform combining the QNX Neutrino RTOS with Freescale, KPA, and ISaGRAF solutions represents an extremely compelling offer to meet these challenges.
The KPA Group has an extensive portfolio of successfully completed major projects both regionally and internationally in Aviation, Veterans' Facilities, Justice, Academic, Public Buildings and Microelectronics.
He hailed Kim's leadership in managing the KPA and the whole country, calling him ''more than a military strategist.
KPA is the market leader in environmental, safety and transportation consulting services for the Auto Dealership industry.
Hratch Kouyoumdjian, SE, LEED AP Principal at The KPA Group, said, "We are proud of the effort our team puts into every project we are associated with.
Kim Jong Un, "a brilliant commander of Songun (military-first)," would strengthen the might of the KPA and lead the Korean revolution to a new victory, Ri said.
The KPA regards the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercise through March 18 as ''war exercises for aggression by the U.
If the United States and its followers intrude into North Korea's territory ''even an inch,'' the KPA will launch ''unpredictable retaliatory blows,'' Ri was quoted as saying.
The KPA expressed its gratitude to Ministry of Interior and the General Administration of Customs for their efforts that facilitate the shipping process inside the ports.
The report did not specify when Kim visited the KPA sub-unit.
a medical device manufacturer, announced today that it has chosen KPA Healthcare Advertising as agency of record.