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(kil?o-pas-kal') [Fr. kilo, a thousand, + Pascal, Fr. scientist],


In SI units, a unit of pressure equal to 1000 pascals. Attempts to have blood pressure expressed in kPa have not been accepted.
See: pascal
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First, the oil pump pressure control characteristics were designed from the standpoint of reducing oil pump discharge pressure to 125 kPa under cold conditions (Table 1).
Early in the design phase, the suggestion was made to the owner/developer to consider using a backpressure turbine/generator unit instead of the steam PRV in the adjacent manhole to reduce the pressure of the high pressure steam (125 psig to 140 psig [138 kPa to 965 kPa]) to medium pressure steam (20 psig to 23 psig [138 kPa to 159 kPa]) while generating electrical power.
Apos oito meses e meio de armazenamento, na avaliacao realizada na saida da camara, os frutos armazenados em AC com 1,0 kPa de [O.sub.2] + 1,0 kPa de C[O.sub.2] apresentaram-se mais firmes em relacao aos frutos do AR, porem nao diferindo dos frutos mantidos nas demais condicoes de AC (Tabela 1).
imperialists and the South Korean warmongers," the KPA and North Korean people "will firmly guarantee the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula with an invincible military capacity and surely achieve the historic cause of national reunification by the concerted efforts of all Koreans," he was quoted as saying.
For the financial year ended December 31, 2011, KPA's revenue fell marginally by 0.4 per cent to MYR 55.2 million (2010: MYR 55.4 million) despite a growth of 4.7 per cent in cargo throughput to 8.50 million tonnes (2010: 8.12 million tonnes).
End-matched sections of red pine lumber were treated with an ethanolamine copper preservative at pressures of 1,207 kPa (175 psi), 1,379 kPa (200 psi), or 1,551 kPa (225 psi).
But data from KPA shows that SGR is carrying 12,452 tonnes per week.
Sunday at Nyayo: Strathmore University v KPA Youth (8.30am), Oryx v Strathmore University (10am), Tangit Sparks v KPA (11.30am), Equity Bank v ANU (1pm), Zetech University v Storms (2.30pm), USIU-A Tigers v Lakeside (4pm).USIU-A: JKUAT v KCITI (8.30am), NIBS v Egerton University (10am), Barclays Bank v Pirates (11.30am), ANU v Terrorists (1pm), JKUAT v Kisumu Lady Bucks (2.30am), Blazers v KAA (4pm)
KUWAIT, Jan 7 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) and China's Quanzhou port have signed a letter of intent as part of a plan to boost cooperation with the world's leading ports.
KPA used to own over 80 per cent shares in the national shipping line (KNSL), more of which it is offloading Mediterranean Shipping Company, hence, likely to lose control of the port.