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Different generations of Korean women thus provide a literary and social exploration juxtaposing memoirs with insights on family, Korean society and culture, and more, in Daughters Of The Bear: An Anthology Of Korean Women's Stories.
At each agency, she took a photograph and saved the receipt, recording the transaction to compose a final work that, juxtaposing these two documents, is police-evidence simple.
Interior (tracking shot): Rather than attempting to reproduce the events organized in Damascus and Saida (where the large-format contemporary photos were shown in highly visible public spaces and the digital copies of vintage images were distributed among surrounding shops), the exhibit at the Musee Niepce was conceived as a kind of walk-through travel album juxtaposing the experiences of the three artists with judiciously chosen photos and drawings from the past.
This exhibition documents Wright's unapologetic enthusiasm, juxtaposing photographs, models, and prototypes of his buildings and furniture with pieces from his personal collection.
With this ambitious multimedia show, curators Sabine Breitwieser and Heidi Grundmann focus on work from the late '60s to the early '80s, juxtaposing Austrian artists (Ernst Caramelle, Valie Export, Friederike Pezold, and Peter Weibel) with their internationally better-known counterparts (Vito Acconci, Laurie Anderson, Shigeko Kubota, and Joan Jonas).
The similarities were highlighted in the elegant catalogue: Inside the front and back covers are pages juxtaposing and revealing the eerie transhistorical likenesses between Rolling Stone Mick Jagger and nineteenth-century singer and actor Jean-Francois-Philibert Berthelier, among others.
The Cindy Shermans hang above the sculpture court to stunning and witty effect, juxtaposing her elusive art-historical references to the more literal ones of the casts of antique sculptures below.
For a while, there was even a corresponding tension between the remnants of his talent for choosing and juxtaposing images, and the courtly manner in which he rendered them.