sinus arrhythmia

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variation from the normal rhythm, especially of the heartbeat; see also dysrhythmia. adj., adj arrhyth´mic.
sinus arrhythmia the physiologic cyclic variation in heart rate, originating in the sinoatrial node and related to vagal impulses to the node; it occurs commonly in children (juvenile arrhythmia) and in the aged.
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si·nus ar·rhyth·mi·a

rhythmic, repetitive irregularity of the heartbeat, the heart being under the control of its normal pacemaker, the sinuatrial node.
Synonym(s): juvenile arrhythmia
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si·nus ar·rhyth·mi·a

(sī'nŭs ă-ridh'mē-ă)
A cyclic variation in heart rate, usually normal and linked to respiratory movements.
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