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adj right; according to law and justice.

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Q. What is safer than caffeine but works just as well?

A. :? i fail to see what is so wrong with caffeine. as long as you don't over use it - it's fine. but if you insist of giving it up:
eat a light breakfast, orange juice.
at noon when you get tired- take a nap (less than 30 min. more than 15) after 2 weeks you won't understand how you lived without it.
exercise regularly, walk 40 min a day , 5 days a week.
that should do it.

Q. It just doesn’t work! I’m hopeless. I’ve every type of diet since I was seventeen, and yet, ten years later I still have these 10 pounds I gained in that summer. What ever I try, it seems as if they just stick there and will never leave. Help me!

A. i never constdered walking much fun. i got a dog and i walk him 4x a day for 20 min. at a time. i lost 20lbs. in three mo. try walking. you don't have to run just walk like you normally would. i could never lose weight till i walked.

Q. can you be lactose intolerant just in the morning? if i drink milk or eat a dairy product in the morning i get nausous, vomit and have diarehha. but i eat dairy products in the evening and im fine. is it possible to be lactose intolerant just in the morning?

A. Not that I'm aware of.. You are either lactose intolerant or you're not. However, it depends on how much dairy products you eat, and perhaps you consume more dairy products in the morning, on an empty stomach, where it all absorbs, where as in the evening you might eat less and combine it with other food. I would suggest you dicrease the total amount of dairy you eat, in order to get rid of these symptms.

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Knowledgeably authored by Jef Klein and featuring the outstanding photography of Cary Hazelgrove, The History And Stories Of The Best Bars Of New York is an intriguing collection of histories and tales about the inherently fascinating and justly famed bars, pubs, and clubs of New York City.
A State that had abandoned this responsibility to rule justly, as St.
James Madison advised in Federalist 47 that 'the accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.
IN Coventry we have Malfunction Junction and Kamikaze Island - both justly infamous and well known.
Canada is justly famous for its documentary filmmaking, and there was no better practitioner in the genre than Brittain.
As long as landowners are justly compensated for their land, according to the decision, governments may now condemn land for the sake of urban renewal.
With the IAEA pressing Iran to defer production of weapons-grade plutonium, Hasselberg justly wonders how creditable open and democratic societies can appear when their own history of secret wrongdoing has destabilized the social and political ideals Goransson tenderly remembers.
Despite the flights of imagination for which the Arab folk tale and epic are justly famous, fantasy remained rare in modern Arabic fiction until quite late.
The recent article "Doctors Doing Drugs and Drinking" (The Physician Executive, 30(5) September/October 2004) justly highlights this extremely important yet often overlooked source of performance difficulties among physicians.
The completion of the Grainger Town Project has been justly recognised for the remarkable achievement it is, having restored the heart of our 18th Century heritage to a vibrant future.
Elegant and clear (if occasionally misty) in style, this book caps many years of scholarly reading and writing (to which the huge bibliography attests), years which resulted in Quitslund's justly famous Spenser articles, for example that in JWCI on Amoretti 8 and that in Silent But for the Word on patronage.
He justly laments the tight focus on Nazi policy rather than the long term implications of automobility and the meaning of the car for daily life.