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n a certain number of citizens selected according to law and sworn to inquire of certain matters of fact and to declare the truth on evidence submitted to them.
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As Serota tells it, "Yesterday, Judge Silverman and I met with the contractors and they showed us the jury box.
33) Manuals on trial advocacy agree with Wolfe's findings, and recommend that lawyers take the table nearest the jury (34) and deliver their arguments within social distance of the jury box.
He cites overcontentiousness, expense, delay, fecklessness, hypertechnicality, and overload as six deadly sins of American litigation, arguing that eliminating these sins of process and access can return credibility and import to the jury box.
In 1926, for example, the board purchased 207 opera chairs from the Southern School Supply Company, plus one judge's desk, one judge's chair, two tables for the bar, one clerk's desk, one sheriff's desk, one witness box, one jury box, thirteen jury chairs, one reporter's desk, and one sixteen foot long bench presumably for witnesses sitting within the bar.
People bring their own experiences to the jury box.
The plot concerns four couples at odds with each other and is set in a courtroom where the judge, lawyers, and jurors are also the instrumentalists playing the music, seated behind their benches and jury box.
Lawyer Udi Granna was shocked when he went to court in Bari, Italy, to find his client sitting in the jury box.
In the jury box, I had the feeling of watching a drama carefully staged to plant doubt in my mind about every piece of evidence and the credibility of each person in the witness box.
Robel Resez, guilty (AP) Durham - Resez screamed, when the verdict was read, and charged toward the jury box .
In 1986, a further study was undertaken to find out what exactly happens when jurors gather and stream into the jury box.
We feel the appropriate reaction is through the ballot box and jury box.