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n a certain number of citizens selected according to law and sworn to inquire of certain matters of fact and to declare the truth on evidence submitted to them.
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33) Manuals on trial advocacy agree with Wolfe's findings, and recommend that lawyers take the table nearest the jury (34) and deliver their arguments within social distance of the jury box.
Greiman, chief judge of the 1st District of the Illinois Appellate Court, said some prosecutors may fear black faces in the jury box, believing they may be sympathetic to a black defendant.
We feel the appropriate reaction is through the ballot box and jury box.
This time, though, the faces in the jury box are less racially diverse than in the trial in February.
Lord Boyd called a halt and, when the court reconvened 90 minutes later, one of the seats in the jury box was empty.
From his cell at HMP Frankland in Durham, he wrote: "Even the most diligent juror will be unable to resist using their phones for a variety of reasons and a month-long stint in a jury box hearing a great deal of allegations about the defendant is bound to raise their curious nature.
He told Macnulty, who sat in the jury box of the court, flanked by prison officers, that despite his having suffered three strokes, three heart attacks, numerous blackouts and arthritis, there was nothing which suggested would not receive any medical treatment he would need in prison.
Members of Mr Pedelty's family were sat in the jury box of the courtroom as Mail entered his guilty plea.
I anxiously await watching Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch rationalizing their nefarious schemes to a jury box with 12 Americans in it.
When jurors first sit down in the jury box and see someone sitting in the defendant's chair, there's a tendency to think that some crime was committed.
Sheriff's deputies brought the couple in separately and seated them at opposite ends of a jury box, where each met with an attorney.
To accomplish this, sound and audio systems were integrated into the judge's bench, jury box, media table, defense table and prosecution table.