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Drug slang A regional term for cocaine or heroin
Vox populi adjective Referring to that which has little value
noun (1) Rubbish, garbage. That which has little value, often understood to mean non-organic obsolete items, or that which is in disrepair (2) A slang term for male genitalia
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Patient discussion about Junk

Q. If she really has sufficient amount of protein and other minerals with the kind of junks she is having now? My 12-year-old daughter is crazy about fast foods and snacks very badly that she does not eat her timely meals properly. Of late, her hair has been dropping quite drastically and I worry that if she continues with the same pattern that she is following now she may lose her health. I was wondering if she really has sufficient amount of protein and other minerals with the kind of junks she is having now?

A. when people .ask questions like this..i allways blame the problem on the PARENT...the question is..how is this child getting the money for that type of junk food?...and also this had to be going on for a long time now..because its affecting your childs health...i dont know were you are from..but here in the (usa)...all schools have takin the junk foods of the minues,and the mechines with candy in have gone....SO I ASK YOU AGAIN HOW DOES YOUR CHILD GET THIS JUNK?????mrfoot56

Q. What does it means when you eat more junk (like chocalate and hot chips) than you do food? Is that good or bad chocolate hot chips pickles olives cheetos pops juice hot chips again hot chips again

A. Pickles and olives are not that junk, although they may contain high amounts of salt (sodium) that may exacerbate hypertension. Regarding the rest of the foods you listed, well, they aren't the best thing to eat- a lot of calories and fat, without satisfying your appetite.

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