juniper tar

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ju·ni·per tar

the empyreumatic volatile oil obtained from the woody portion of Juniperus oxycedrus; used externally for skin diseases.
Synonym(s): cade oil

juniper tar

A tarry substance obtained from the wood of the Eurasian juniper Juniperus oxycedrus and used topically to treat various skin ailments. Also called cade oil.

juniper tar

Etymology: L, juniperus + AS, teoru
a dark, oily liquid obtained by the destructive distillation of the wood of Juniperus oxycedrus trees, used as an antiseptic stimulant in ointments for skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. Also called cade oil.


a dark-brown or black, viscid liquid obtained from various species of pine or from bituminous coal. See also wood tar derivatives.

coal tar
coal tar pitch
tar derivatives
include phenol (carbolic acid), cresols, creosote, all potent poisons. See also wood tar derivatives.
hot tar
a cause of burns in dogs and cats, usually made more severe because it sticks to the skin.
juniper tar
a volatile oil obtained from wood of Juniperus oxycedrus; used topically in the treatment of skin disease.
pine tar
a product of destructive distillation of the wood of various pine trees; used as a rubefacient and treatment for skin disease.
tar pitch
Stockholm tar