oil of juniper

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oil of ju·ni·per

volatile oil from the dried ripe fruit (berries) of Juniperus communis (family Cupressaceae). Formerly used as a diuretic. Used in perfumery.
Synonym(s): juniper berry oil
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Keywords: Olbas[R] Tropfen (Olbas) Peppermint oil Eucalyptus oil Cajuput oil Juniper berry oil Wintergreen oil Antimicrobial activity In vitro study MRSA VRE
The complex essential oil distillate (10 g) is composed of three major components such as peppermint oil (5.3 g), eucalyptus oil (2.1 g), cajuput oil (2.1 g) and the two minor constituents, juniper berry oil (0.3 g) and wintergreen oil (0.2 g).
USED in the bath (maximum six drops) juniper berry oil is ideal for healing pre-menstrual syndrome.
I recommended the use of juniper berry oil in an electric vaporizer.
The key ingredients are amber extract, juniper berry oil, rosemary and lemon oil.