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The psychological system or the psychoanalytic form of treatment deriving from it; developed by Carl Gustav Jung.
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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of Jung or his theories of psychology.
2. Maintaining Jung's psychological theories, especially those that stress the contribution of racial and cultural inheritance to the psychology of an individual.

Jung′i·an n.
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The psychological system or the psychoanalytic form of treatment deriving from it developed by Carl Gustav Jung.
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Newborn Evolution takes this model and works with clients to merge these two very different theories, so the end result is greater career success, and increased salaries by incorporating Jungian Psychology and Eastern Philosophies.
Therefore, in order to foster and continue the dialogue between Jung and Yoga, the underlying metaphysics of Jungian and Patanjalian psychology, as well as their notions of consciousness, need to be examined far more closely.
"Untapped Healing Potentials for African-Americans in Mental Health" offers this, the largest under-represented ethnic group in receiving mental health counseling services, potential healing tools ranging from African-American churches to Jungian Psychology's embrace of each person's anima and animus energies, and yoga and meditation, which lead to the activation of Kundalini energy.
Some Jungian scholars read the Romantic Movement as an imaginative reaction to the extreme rationalism and industrialization of the 18th century in which people focused more on the material gains and comforts of life.7 The thrust of the society was mainly to the outward.
It is in this group of films that Bieberstein discerns the thematic centrality of women's quest for self-realization, or what she describes, using Jungian terminology, as their "process of individuation" (311).
It is important to define Carl Jung's main idea that formed the basis of Jungian archetypal criticism before commencing a survey of such literary critical ideas and Northrop Frye's place in this tradition.
For instance, in chapter six, "Conquering the Ordinary and Its Myths: Film Analysis of the Representation of Women in New Italian Cinema," Bieberstein describes the Jungian archetype of Puer Aeternus at length.
Understanding the dynamics of typical people; an introduction to Jungian type theory.
With the ominous Jungian undertow of "Monster" and the internal struggle of "Hero," rockers Skillet cover some interesting psychological terrain for a rock band, let alone a Christian rock band.
'Analytical Psychology in Practice', has six papers which examine how Jung's teaching has been put into practice: the 'classical Jungian school', the developmental school, 'me and my anima'--a study of the 'Jungian/Freudian interface', and.
Then Georgia Foster, a leading clinical hypnotherapist and Jungian psychology-trained therapist, and top life coach Suzy Greaves can help you to find your missing peace with their Making The Big Leap into the Big Peace CD (21 [pounds sterling]).