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1. The manner in which syllables are joined together in the context of speech; providing additional differential cues to meaning.
2. Synonym(s): junction
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, pl. juncturae (jŭngk-tyūr'ă, -ē)
1. [TA]
Synonym(s): joint.
2. The point, line, or surface of union of two parts, mainly bones or cartilages.
Synonym(s): juncture.
[L. a joining]
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There are more critical junctures that Pakistan has had to endure over the years.
By focusing on moments or events that lead to critical junctures, we do not favour either the local, inward perspective or the outward perspective relating to wider contexts.
His treatment of these three critical junctures complete, Ferrara turns to a narrative of their effect in shaping events in Thailand in the decades between the 1970s and the present.
Given below are the three junctures: AUGUST 27: a dispute over an alleged incident of eveteasing led to two youths stabbing another youth to death in Kawal village.
Sometimes orthographic <r> is present in such junctures, and presents a particular challenge.
Fandakova also announced that the construction of a two-level juncture at Sofia's Andrey Lyapchev Blvd and Saharov Blvd in the Mladost district will begin in May.
Employing a grounded theory approach (Charmaz 2006; Glaser and Strauss 1967), systematic analysis of interview transcripts along with administrative data revealed that interviewees' decisions to attend part-time, stop-out for one or more semesters or leave college altogether were shaped at critical junctures where demands from family, health and work life-realms intersected with their academic difficulties and challenges.
The topic of this issue of Junctures is Control and this is the second time this theme has been chosen for an issue.
As with all of Forrestal's work, readers will reach junctures where they are deeply affected by events, and perhaps confused by their complex moralities.
Also recognized, with $25,000, were Iowa State University (for its benefits-tracking system) and the University of Wisconsin, Madison (for support given to faculty who encounter critical junctures in their careers that affect their research and personal lives).--M.E.
Even more, it helps students see the vital junctures where multiple paths and plots and endings might diverge.