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1. The manner in which syllables are joined together in the context of speech; providing additional differential cues to meaning.
2. Synonym(s): junction


a joint or union of two parts.


, pl. juncturae (jŭngk-tyūr'ă, -ē)
1. [TA]
Synonym(s): joint.
2. The point, line, or surface of union of two parts, mainly bones or cartilages.
Synonym(s): juncture.
[L. a joining]
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Regardless of the time period involved, there needs to be evidence of ideational and policy change for it to be considered a critical juncture (2009:6).
The post Talks at critical juncture, Anastasiades says appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
They deviate from a structural deterministic approach and utilize the concept of critical juncture to explain the process of institutional changes.
We are with Pakistani nation in every juncture of time as we believe Pakistan and Saudi people are one nation.
In linguistics, Trask defines juncture as "any phonetic feature whose presence signals the existence of a grammatical boundary.
They thus focus on the Korean War as a critical juncture that gave birth to a "hub-and-spokes" relationship between the United States and its allies in Japan and South Korea, with China joining later as a de facto member, and the 1997 Asian financial crisis as another critical juncture that led to subregional institutional innovation and helped encourage the sense of a common Northeast Asian identity.
Fandakova also announced that the construction of a two-level juncture at Sofia's Andrey Lyapchev Blvd and Saharov Blvd in the Mladost district will begin in May.
In seriously engaging this complex historical juncture, Robertson's book can be both extremely illuminating and occasionally frustrating.
As David Evans concludes at every juncture, "Trust in the Lord.
333 Meadowland Parkway is conveniently located a few miles off Route 3 just off the juncture of the New Jersey Turnpike at Exit 16W.
However, instead of focusing on restoring the native lake trout, at this critical juncture the decision was made to introduce salmon--another foreign species--to the lake.