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 [jungk-tu´rah] (L.)
1. joint.
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(joynt), [TA]
anatomy the place of union, usually more or less movable, between two or more rigid skeletal components (bones, cartilage, or parts of a single bone). Joints between skeletal elements exhibit a great variety of form and function, and are classified into three general morphologic types: fibrous joints; cartilaginous joints; and synovial joints.
Synonym(s): junctura (1) [TA], articulation (1) , articulus
[L. junctura; fr. jungo, pp. junctus, to join]
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, pl. juncturae (jŭngk-tyūr'ă, -ē)
1. [TA]
Synonym(s): joint.
2. The point, line, or surface of union of two parts, mainly bones or cartilages.
Synonym(s): juncture.
[L. a joining]
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