junctional escape

junctional es·cape

escape with the AV junction as pacemaker.
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An electrocardiogram on hospital admission showed atrial fibrillation, complete atrioventricular block, and a regular junctional escape rhythm at a rate of 37 beats/min (Figure).
Electrocardiography displayed a new complete heart block with a narrow-complex junctional escape rhythm of 60 beats per minute.
A review of her electrocardiograms over the past 18 months revealed another episode of SA block and a number of other findings suggesting sick sinus syndrome: sinus bradycardia as slow as 32 beats per minute, at times with a junctional escape rhythm; slow ectopic atrial bradycardia; and sinus pauses of up to 2 seconds that did not fulfill criteria for SA block.
He had a slow heart rate (32 beats per minute) and high blood pressure (174/90 mm Hg), and an electrocardiogram recorded on admission showed sinus bradycardia with junctional escape complexes (Figure).
Could the wide QRSs in this patient be junctional escape beats in someone with intermittent left bundle branch block?
The first P-R of each cycle may be shorter because the first QRS is actually a junctional escape beat.