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/jump·ing/ (jump´ing)
1. the skipping of several steps in a series.
2. see under disease.

Patient discussion about jumping

Q. why do they say jump back on the wagon? :) what methods their are for stop drinking???

A. hi--falling off the wagon is when a person starts to do drugs/alcohol after a long periot of time-----getting back on the wagon means that person he /she has stopped doing drugs or alcohol.most people will tell you to go to AA,a group of people that get together and try to help each other stop using---ther is an 800#---an you can find them on the net.

Q. Female 57old has fasciculation.Started 3 months ago as a twiching jumping beneath the skin mainly legs & It started with the legs(lower back parts),more so in the right side.Lately also in the hand(mainly arms ,more apparent on the right).There is also a sense of tensed muscles(sometimes painful because of prolonged tension),"pins &needles"and often a sense like a low electric current going through the limbs(mainly legs,sometimes arms).Also sometimes they tend to feel a little numbness and "fall asleep" real easy.She first noticed it only in the morning when she woke up,both legs lower part,back side.About 2 weeks ago it started not to go away,but stay with her all day and night.When she walks it is a lot less noticeable. All the blood tests,vitamins(D,B12,Mg,Na)are OK.TSH(Thyroid)&CK are OK too.Creatine, Calcium,OK

A. Sounds like you have peripheral neuropathy. Have you tried to consult a dorctor (e.g. a neurologist)?

It's a disease of the nerves in the periphery of your body. It may reulst form many things, including diabetes (was your blood glucose measured?) and other diseases.

You can read more here: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000593.htm

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