Jump the Queue

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To unfairly circumvent or abruptly move up on the organ recipient wait list
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However, Zeroberto was listed as number 11 in the list for balloting from the big handicap, and any penalties imposed after the list is published no longer entitle a horse to jump the queue.
The clamour to bag the highly-sought after tickets led to scraps in the street and fights between fans who had lined up for hours and those arriving late who were attempting to jump the queue.
A Passport Department officer is facing punitive action after video footage showed him manhandling a Saudi who had tried to jump the queue after arriving on a flight from Germany.
6 Being able to jump the queue at Topshop if you are pregnant Finally, an upside
Why should anyone be able to jump the queue because of money?
Have you noticed at the airports more and more people are using wheelchairs to get on and off the planes and, of course, jump the queue onto speedy boarding?
This also goes for other hard-working members of society who have to wait while others jump the queue.
Homeless families can jump the queue and be given a council house, where families who are already living in our flats which are cramped have to wait.
The family-run firm had to call the police when trouble broke out as some people started to jump the queue.
He said the situation is chaotic as some of the frustrated drivers jump the queue and a fight breaks out.
YOUNGSTERS carrying condoms can jump the queue at several city night clubs.
Despite being allowed to jump the queue Lily, 23, was told at the American Embassy on Wednesday she faces further interrogation before being able to work there.