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any fluid from animal or plant tissue.
gastric juice see gastric juice.
intestinal juice the liquid secretion of glands in the intestinal lining.
pancreatic juice the enzyme-containing secretion of the pancreas, conducted through its ducts to the duodenum.
prostatic juice the liquid secretion of the prostate, which contributes to semen formation.
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1. The interstitial fluid of a plant or animal.
2. A digestive secretion.
[L. jus, broth]
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1. A fluid naturally contained in plant or animal tissue.
2. A bodily secretion, especially that secreted by the glands of the stomach and intestines.
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A liquid concentrate of a fruit or vegetable, usually with some or all of the pulp removed
Drug slang A regionally popular street term for PCP
Medspeak See Gastric juice
Nutrition See Cranberry juice
Pediatrics Certain juices—e.g., pear, apple—are high in sorbitol, which are thought to make babies ‘fussy’; grape juice is not
Sports medicine A regionally popular term for (usually illicit) anabolic steroids
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Medtalk See Gastric juice Popular nutrition A liquid concentrate of a fruit or vegetable. See Cranberry juice Sports medicine A regionally popular term for anabolic steroids. See Monkey juice.
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1. The interstitial fluid of a plant or animal.
2. A digestive secretion.
[L. jus, broth]
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Patient discussion about juice

Q. How come juice help in regular diet of a person.... how come juice help in regular diet of a person and will there be side effect if taken in excess?

A. Absolutely there is no question of side effects as long as you are consuming fresh fruit juices. They give you all the essential diet nutrients and are easy to digest. They just supplement you with all the nutrients a fruit or vegetables can give and is helps you maintain a good health.

Q. Would kidney stones affect a PSA reading? Would drinking lots of grapefruit juice affect a PSA reading? My husband's PSA reading jumped from a 4.2 to a 17 in @ 2 years' time. How can that be? This man takes all sorts of supplements and really watches his diet. He also takes good care of his body, and does NOT look or act 68.

A. You should get your parathyroid gland checked out. Your calcium level might be causing the kidney stones.

Q. What foods or liquids, juices, proteins, fruits, are good for Male Prostate or Urinary Frequency? I am 53 YO Male with exessive urinary frequency. Is there a fruit, food, drink, pill, mojo, that would help me with this problem? I am talking about urinating 3 to 4 times every night, and or while watching TV, every hour or so. No pain, yet, an occacional after drip that is very anoying. Perhaps I have a prostate problem and should consuld with my Urologist. Yet, before I go there, does anyone know of something I can eat or drink to fix or aleviate this problem?

A. Thanks for the heads-up. One of my issues is that I LOVE coffee, thus, reducing my daily consumption of 2-3 cups could be a problem.

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"But the fun really starts when people see how extremely easy they are to peel, yet also have the juiciness of an orange.
The company claims the cranberry is visually more appealing and brings extra juiciness to products.
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Although the OASS of cooked pork were the same for all treatments, the juiciness of irradiated samples was greater than that of non-irradiated product.
in Englewood, CO, says it has an alternative fat replacement system that mimics the juiciness, texture, lubricity and visual particle definition of fat while providing a healthier product lower in fat and calorie content.
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