juice therapy

The ingestion of fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices to ‘replenish’ the body and provide nutritional support

juice ther·a·py

(jūs thār'ă-pē)
The dietary and therapeutic administration of vegetables and fruits that have been mechanically reduced to liquids.
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Ms Sterry said: "The Natural Juice Therapy Course has been accredited by the Complementary Medical Association.
Juice therapy is all about extracting juice from fresh fruits and uncooked vegetables and making them your main diet.
I would like to ask wether I can cleanse my organism with the help of juice therapy if I have a gastrointestinal problem?
Juice therapy is a whole science, where each element of the juice must be studied.
By means of juice therapy it is impossible to manage illness, it is possible only to clean your organism.
An ideal juice therapy patient is one that doesn't take any pills, is not treated from cancer, is on a "diet", who is healthy enough and simply wishes to enrich the organism with vitamins, clean blood from slags.
The total GIS and QOLRAD scores before and after 7 days potato juice therapy, mean [+ or -] SD.
Among the topics: aromatherapy, biofeedback, chiropractic, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, imagery, juice therapy, naturopathy, osteopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine.
The Baltic Times visited the rehabilitation center "Jaunkemeri" to find out how juice therapy helps to cleanse the body and to solve many health problems.
For maximum effect, in addition to juice therapy, experts from the rehabilitation center include a series of medical procedures and activities in the program.