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Plural of jugum.


A plural of jugum.


Plural of jugum.


(ju'gum) plural.juga [L., a yoke]
1. A ridge or furrow connecting two points.
2. A type of forceps.

jugum penis

A forceps for temporarily compressing the penis.

jugum petrosum

An eminence on the petrous section of the temporal bone showing the position of the superior semicircular canal. See: arcuate eminence
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Tambahan lagi, rakaman acara itu akan turut disediakan, berserta temu bual dengan hadirinnya dan juga sorotan kepimpinan pemikiran bersama yang dihasilkan oleh delegasi itu tentang subjek Kapitalisme Terangkum.
Little admat que les changernents institutionnels etaient alors loin d'etre acheves mais il juga qu'un nombre suffisant de reformes avaient pris place pour permettre son analyse.
For example, a creamy-slow, smooth Brazilian capoeira juga looks related to the American bebop ("scat") dancing earlier in the show.
Like any business with multiple locations, it is more important than ever that each one of our operations has highly reliable, cost-effective Internet connectivity," said Brian Juga of Palace Sports & Entertainment.
Guests will enjoy hors d'oeuvres by Chef David for a taste of Kristalbelli's contemporary Korean cuisine, specialty cocktails from Kristalbelli's chic lounge Juga, hand-selected vintages by Verite Wines and live entertainment by former U.
The juga and tylus have prominent lateral carinae that form a striking V-shaped impression on the dorsal surface of the head.
Dorsal coloration: Head orange, with apex of juga, and outer face of ocelli black; antennal segments I and IV dark orange, and II and III dark orange with apical joint brown; pronotum orange hazel with humeral spines black; scutellum orange hazel, basally with 2 black spots lateral to midline; clavus orange hazel; corium orange hazel with 3 black spots near middle third of endocorium; hemelytral membrane dark brown; connexival segments III to VI glossy orange, VII glossy orange with posterior margin brown; abdominal segments III to VI glossy orange, VII glossy orange with wide brown spot at middle third.
2008) stated that the book was entitled Orang Berbank Kita Juga Berbank, or Other People Have Banks, So Do We.
Voib arvata, et Jagala joe puhul on labi aegade olnud uheks koha atraktiivsuse tostjaks juga.