judicial hanging

judicial hanging

A method of public execution for capital crimes, which provides a highly visible deterrent without the blood and gore of beheading.

Mechanical types of judicial hangings
Short-drop hanging
The condemned drops a few inches, and the suspended body weight and physical struggling causes the noose to tighten, resulting in death by strangulation, carotid compression or vagal reflex.
Suspension hanging
The condemned is lifted mechanically. Death is as with short-drop hanging.

Standard-drop hanging
The condemned drops a predetermined amount, typically ±4–6 feet, which breaks the neck. This method was adopted in America in the late 1800s.

Long-drop hanging
Began in Britain in 1874, the fall distance after the trapdoors open is calculated based on weight, height and physique, and is designed to break the neck. This method was adopted in the British colonies and places that wanted “humane” executions.
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Lack of sufficient data in suicidal hanging unlike judicial hanging warrants further larger studies to support our findings and outcomes in this population.
The official cause of death was Judicial Hanging - the last time the words were used on a death certificate in Scotland.
This is the same fracture as caused by judicial hanging, whence it derives its name.
Judicial hanging is no longer carried out in Australia and New Zealand.
Judicial hanging has not been performed in Australia since 1967.
Apart from the summary justice dispensed by lynch mobs in all the best cowboy movies, I believe that judicial hanging is quite hard to find in the United States.
A fracture by judicial hanging was never experienced by any of us in Korea.
In judicial hanging, the fall is greater than the body height and the injury involved is cervical fracture/spinal cord transaction leading to death (8).
The official cause of death was Judicial Hanging - the last time those words were used on a death certificate in Scotland.
With death certificates completed, less than an hour later, at 9.30am, senior prison staff gave evidence at a public inquiry before Sheriff AllanWalker and death was confirmed by Judicial Hanging.
British: A 76-year-old British writer who published a book denouncing judicial hangings in Singapore started a prison term on Wednesday for contempt.
(1) This injury has been termed "hangman's fracture" due to its similarity to that seen following judicial hangings. The most common causes are motor vehicle accidents and falls.

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