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(pre′sĕ-dĕnt) [L. praecedere, to go before, precede]
In law, an action, ruling, or verdict that may be used as an example to be followed in the future.
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Patient discussion about precedent

Q. How to deal with stress before exams? I am a college student and get very stressed out before tests. Are there good methods to relieve stress?

A. Have you tried aromatherapy? the scents of the essential oils can activate the limbic system of your brain, helping to relieve stress and increase alertness before your exams.

This articles recommends a good custom blend of essential oils when using Aromatherapy for Stress:

Q. For those that had an epimacular membrane removed, how long was it before your eye healed? How was your vision afterwards? Do you now require or benefit from glasses?

A. Epimacular membrane removal can be associated with a variety of ocular conditions and therefore the healing process varies tremendously depending on the underlying pathology. Furthermore, this condition may recur.

Q. what genetic exams should i do during and before pregnancy to secure the unborn child?

A. there is a wide variety of pre-gestational genetic testsing that can be done, for several inherited diseases, depending on your origin. You have to consult your gynecologist in order to know exactly what can be tested nowadays and whether or not there is a need.

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a judicial takings claimant, in order to successfully maintain a judicial takings claim, must show that the challenged judicial decision amounted to an "elimination of an established property right." Id.
Once these "concessions" are recognized, what remains are largely similar views about how judicial decisions are made.
That is, once appointed, judges cannot be removed by a government merely because the government does not agree with their judicial decisions. Judges may depart the bench in one of three ways:
Sometimes, a judicial decision or series of judicial decisions completely cover a political question.
A brief summarizes a judicial decision. It includes the following information: citation, judicial history, justice, facts, issue, holding, and reasoning.
The carefully chosen background information in these profiles can help students explore the broader issues of how historical context and a judge's personal background influence judicial decision making.
Part II introduces various theoretical approaches that have analyzed judicial decision making and sets forth the framework and methodology upon which the instant school funding models will be created and tested.
In turn, Minister Bassil promised his visiting delegation to follow up on the matter and to help convince the French authorities to implement the judicial decision to set Abdallah free.
The PTI leader termed judicial decision as victory of truth.
Among the findings: Judges tend to favor litigants from their own party in cases pitting them against someone from the other party; campaign contributions increase partisan behavior; judges not facing a re-election campaign are less likely to be partisan; and partisanship in judicial decision making is getting worse.
The bar council issued a statement Wednesday refusing the "rushed judicial decision on behalf of Tripoli's judge of urgent matters that violates legal standards." Lawyers also called upon the Higher Judicial Council to "stand up against this dangerous precedent which shakes confidence in the wings of justice," and demanded a retraction of the decision.

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