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jowl 1

1. The jaw, especially the lower jaw.
2. The cheek.

jowl 2

1. The flesh of the lower cheeks or lower jaw, especially when plump or flaccid.
2. A fleshy part similar to a jowl, such as the dewlap of a cow or the wattle of a fowl.
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That clearly did not register with the passing American patrol van, which switched on its megaphone and blared out the warning "Beware - VD walks the streets." As Clement finished the story he gave that famous triumphant, bearded, jowly chuckle.
If mentioning baseball executives conjures at best an image of the scowling jowly Steinbrenner up in his shadowy stadium box or if you struggle to name the managers for, say, the last five World Series champs, there is a reason.
This is in marked contrast, for example, to Conner's bust of Lord Goodman, commissioned by the Arts Council, whose bushy eyebrow's retain her finger marks, and whose jowly cheeks and fatty neck flow into a puddle-like mass beneath the chin.
Indefensible!/That jowly, trapezoidal grandfather,/snow capped like Mt.
The resulting suite is an uncanny collection of almost-but-not-quite Waleads--the artist as thick-necked farm boy, jowly businessman, vacant jock.
Nor is there anything child-like in the beady-eyed, tight-lipped assurance on the well-fed, jowly face looking straight at the camera in a sepia-toned picture that captures "Dr.
I've loved her ever since she was Edith Ann," ROSIE O'DONNELL: "This was for a business magazine, It was about all Rosie's business ventures, The thing I love about Rosie is her wide eyes, You could draw her as a toy locomotive." GORE VIDAL: New York magazine, "Vidal has one of those faces where it's all very sharp, right down to the eyes--and then everything below that is sort of indefinite and jowly. I should know.
and crossed the old, creaky, rutted wooden floor to visit the jowly, gnarled, gravel-voiced, profane, cigar-chewing little man in the corner office.
I think Wolf Blitzer is looking a little jowly under that beard.
The image of Currie which has come down to us is that of a jowly, fat man who had little rapport with the troops.
Today, the movement is like a cartoonist without Nixon's jowly, shadowy puss to mock.
No one was interested in the gray-haired Prime Minister, his jowly face looking even more worried than usual.