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jowl 1

1. The jaw, especially the lower jaw.
2. The cheek.

jowl 2

1. The flesh of the lower cheeks or lower jaw, especially when plump or flaccid.
2. A fleshy part similar to a jowl, such as the dewlap of a cow or the wattle of a fowl.


external throat or upper neck, especially if fat or loose skin is present. Anterior to the dewlap.

jowl abscess
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Nor is there anything child-like in the beady-eyed, tight-lipped assurance on the well-fed, jowly face looking straight at the camera in a sepia-toned picture that captures "Dr.
GORE VIDAL: New York magazine, "Vidal has one of those faces where it's all very sharp, right down to the eyes--and then everything below that is sort of indefinite and jowly.
and crossed the old, creaky, rutted wooden floor to visit the jowly, gnarled, gravel-voiced, profane, cigar-chewing little man in the corner office.
I think Wolf Blitzer is looking a little jowly under that beard.
The image of Currie which has come down to us is that of a jowly, fat man who had little rapport with the troops.
Today, the movement is like a cartoonist without Nixon's jowly, shadowy puss to mock.
No one was interested in the gray-haired Prime Minister, his jowly face looking even more worried than usual.
Weight down, pale, and jowly, O'Connor now walks a mile and a half a day on the almost exclusive Zuma Beach.
Of course, it was tempting to create some jowly, closed-minded antagonist, a Mr.
No amount of "method eating", however, was going to help him properly resemble the late, jowly master of cinematic suspense.