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Orthopaedics An instrument used in orthopaedic surgery to lift bone flaps, and elevate the periosteum
Surgery A term that has been used colloquially for any instrument a surgeon or operator has gotten used to being handed at a certain point in a surgery or repair procedure
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Still his wit was never frozen, nor his sunshiny temper beclouded; and his innumerable antics and practical jokes, while they quickened the circulation of his own blood, kept his companions in high good-humor.
He had, however, always made more or less of a joke about it, so no one had taken him seriously.
You shouldn't make jokes,' Alice said, 'if it makes you so unhappy.
A Virginia woman's two sons, aged 12 and 15, placed an order online to their a local Pizza Hut and requested to have a joke written on the inside of the box.
The President uttered the joke about Miss Universe beauties during his speech last Friday in Davao City.
Others are: technology and joke-performance; joke-performers and contexts; the psychology of hilarity and joke-performance; the therapeutics of jokes and joke-performance; ideology and joke-performance; motivation and joke-performance; joke-performance and the media; gender and joke-performance; religion and the joke-art; and joke-performance and the postcolony.
Tom Heyes sold copies of the joke book, raising a total of PS840 which he split between two good causes.
Seriously Funny: Mexican Political Jokes as Social Resistance.
Is it safe to tell a physically challenged joke a black joke a Jewish joke gay joke a joke about women
And when I said, 'I hope that's not a Freudian slip', that was a joke on top of a joke.
By one exhaustive count, the outgoing ''Tonight'' show host made 4,607 jokes at the former president's expense during his time on the program.
With regards to the joke about Assi, a fanatic fan had created the rumor as a light joke on the singer's official website and had wrote that Assi decided to join the Lebanese national soccer team as a way to give them support, but the announcement was clarified that it is an April fool's joke and nothing more.