joint stability

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joint sta·bil·i·ty

(joynt stă-bili-tē)
Ability of the kinetic chain (i.e., nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems) to stabilize a joint during movement.
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These activities increase muscle strength and improve joint stability which can greatly reduce the risk of injury, bleeds and joint damage.
Summary: The anterior crutiate ligament acts primarily to maintain joint stability by restraining the forward motion of the shin bone relative to the thigh bone.
"I've learned so much about joint stability in addition to muscle strength and how that all factors in.
The goal of surgery is to reproduce the anatomic position of the UCL and restore MCP joint stability, and surgical options vary depending upon the chronicity of the injury.
After a thorough investigation of the options, the decision to combine hindfoot intramedullary tibio-talo-calcaneal fusion nail with a hybrid external fixation system to augment joint stability and achieve stable fusion was taken.
Effect of olecranon resection on joint stability and strain of the medial ulnar collateral ligament.
(20) Of interest in this population is the comparatively large reliance on intrinsic and extrinsic components of joint stability during DPS tasks.
The knee-jerk, infantile Indo-Pak hostility and its damaging implications were mulled over at a two day recent conference in Islamabad, Connectivity and Geo-economics in South Asia, with Pakistans former National Security Advisor emphasising the inextricable linkage between the two neighbours common security and economy, between their joint stability, monetary growth and connectivity, highlighting Pakistans central role in the emerging geo-economic order of South Asia and pivotal position as a faster, cheaper and convenient conduit of Indian goods to Europe via Central Asia, while pointing out the massive flow of free trade that would accrue provided New Delhi became part of CPEC.
She said that Taraweeh prayers can improve physical strength and joint stability and reduce the risk of injury to the tendons and connective tissues.She informed that prayers also help controlling over body weight and expend calories without proportionate increase in appetite.
Rotator Cuff Damage The rotator cuff (the muscles that raise and lift the arm, and give the shoulder joint stability) is vulnerable to damage from bone spurs that can fray the muscle fibers.
Therapeutic mobilization techniques have not been tested specifically in DDH but have been shown to improve joint stability. Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) improved joint stabilization in young adults [26].
McKee, "Effect of distal humeral varus deformity on strain in the lateral ulnar collateral ligament and ulnohumeral joint stability," The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, vol.

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