joint sense

(redirected from joint proprioception)

ar·tic·u·lar sen·si·bil·i·ty

appreciation of sensation in joint surfaces.

joint sense

Joint proprioceptive acuity, which can be improved in elders by various forms of exercise—e.g., t’ai chi or golfing.
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suggested, by means of vibration perturbation, that their older participants increased the weight of the ankle joint proprioception in postural regulation because of a decrease in the sensitivity of paraspinal muscle spindles or changes in the central processing of this afferent information [5].
6), (7) Impaired joint proprioception can lead to poor postural control and balance in patients with HMS, as has been previously demonstrated by the research.
2010b), effective joint proprioception is essential for adequate joint movement and stability and may play a protective role in acute knee injury.
Tai chi practice requires conscious awareness of body position and extremity movements, which may improve joint proprioception [awareness].
Aim: The main aims of this review were to (i) Summarise the scientific evidence on wrist joint proprioception, and (ii) Relate this evidence to wrist proprioceptive rehabilitation.
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Ankle joint proprioception has a special clinical interest because its decrease is linked to ankle sprain (20) and it is critical to the functional success of surgical and rehabilitation treatments (22).
Among these factors, increased joint stability and knee joint proprioception have been mentioned (Callaghan et al.
Evaluation of ankle joint proprioception following injection of the anterior talofibular ligament.

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