joint manipulation

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skillful or dexterous treatment by the hands. In physical therapy, the forceful passive movement of a joint beyond its active limit of motion.
joint manipulation the attempt to restore the full joint mobility by a single forceful movement. It may be performed with the patient under anesthesia, as when restoring knee or shoulder motion after prolonged loss of motion with formation of adhesions that limit joint play. Joint manipulation applied to a spinal joint (usually referred to as high-velocity) is a short-amplitude thrust that is beyond the patient's voluntary control; it is always performed with the patient conscious.

joint manipulation

Any of the passive therapeutic techniques used to stretch restricted joints or reposition a subluxation. The techniques are sometimes applied with rapid thrust movements and may be applied with the patient under anesthesia to ensure maximum relaxation.
See: joint mobilization
See also: manipulation
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Our data also suggests that DCs in Canada's English-speaking provinces use a combination of examination findings to identify spinal segments that could benefit from joint manipulation.
Studies of such joint manipulations are of distinctive interest, precisely because they shed light on the question of the effects of combining support-explicitness variations, and hence are included in the present review.
Table 1 Opinions Regarding Chiropractic Care and Athletes (n = 37) Statement Agreed Disagreed Unsure Chiropractic care is important for 81% 8% 11% all athletes Maintenance chiropractic care can 73% 3% 24% reduce sport related injuries Chiropractic consultation when 81% 3% 13% athlete's performance is suffering Table 2 Opinions Regarding What Constitutes a Chiropractic Treatment (n = 37) Frequency Question Response Option Count (%) Which of the following Spinal joint manipulation / 37 (100) do you consider an mobilization acceptable component Extremity joint manipulation / 37 (100) of a chiropractic mobilization treatment?
Unfortunately while it is repeatedly cited throughout the text that neurovascular injuries are often amenable to conservative care, management strategies of the manual therapist such as muscle release techniques, nerve gliding exercises, joint manipulation and rehabilitation are discussed at the most basic level, if at all.
5 -- The behind the scene joint manipulations of Obama White House and Clinton State Department with Egyptian authorities having Hosni Mubarak at the center to force the latter to relinquish power and make Egypt's newly appointed vice president Omar Suleiman to fill the void at least temporarily fell on the wayside as the existing Constitution provides Speaker of the House of Parliament to fill the gap.
Larson uses a combination of joint manipulations, muscle release therapies, stretching, spinal rehabilitation and nutrition recommendations in his approach to patient care.

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