joint fracture

articular fracture

A fracture in which at least part of the fracture line extends into the joint.
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Distal fractures were individually described as Salter-Harris type I (n=7), Salter-Harris type II (n=13), Salter-Harris type III (n=1), metaphyseal extra-articular fracture (n=6), and partial joint fracture (n=1).
After decades of use, a large number of prefabricated hollow slab bridges, especially those with shallow hinge joint hollow slab, have developed hinge joint fracture failure due to the innate deficiency of hinge joint structure design and construction as well as later stage factors such as vehicle overloading and environment erosion, eventually resulting in the problem of "stress on a single slab."
There were two patients in which the radiograph interpretation was positive (concern for subluxed sacroiliac joint and sacroiliac joint fracture), but a CT obtained later was negative, indicating false positive radiographs.
Methods: Eight fresh foot specimens were made into the models of the first tarsometatarsal joint fracture dislocation, which were fixed with 3.
Mandible fracture resulting from fall is of great concern particularly in children because it has been found that in children majority of cases of joint fracture has resulted from fall and found to have temporomandibular joint (TMJ) ankylosis.
"Unfortunately, we have very few options for treating severe joint injuries, and despite the best surgical care, many people still get arthritis following a joint fracture," said Farshid Guilak, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery, and Director of Orthopaedic Research at Duke University Medical Center.
Next, the thermo-vibration fatigue failure had provoked more micro cracks, which derivates a catastrophic crack and the solder joint fracture; intermetal-lic clusters and changes in the distribution of solder phases were also observed.
The experts mentioned that people suffering from osteoporosis are at great risk to have wrist, hip, spine and joint fracture, often without any major indication.
Leong treats a wide range of injuries using Oriental Tit Tar and these include sports injuries such as tennis elbow, whiplash, ligament or muscle tear, bone or joint fractures, twisted ankle; and golf injuries like sprained back or golfer's elbow.
Shirdel, "Spinopelvic fixation of sacroiliac joint fractures and fracture-dislocations: A clinical 8 years follow-up study," Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery, vol.
Glenoid fractures, as all joint fractures, require anatomic reduction with stable fixation in order to avoid potential evolution towards osteoarthritis and chronic pain [10].
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