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 [kap´sul, kap´sūl]
1. an enclosing structure, as a soluble container enclosing a dose of medicine.
2. a cartilaginous, fatty, fibrous, or membranous structure enveloping another structure, organ, or part. adj., adj cap´sular.
 Capsule. Generalized structure of a synovial joint showing the joint or articular capsule. From Applegate, 2000.
articular capsule the saclike envelope that encloses the cavity of a synovial joint by attaching to the circumference of the articular end of each involved bone. Called also joint capsule.
adipose renal capsule the investment of fat surrounding the fibrous renal capsule, continuous at the hilus with the fat in the renal sinus.
bacterial capsule a gelatinous envelope surrounding a bacterial cell, usually polysaccharide but sometimes polypeptide in nature; it is associated with the virulence of pathogenic bacteria.
Bowman's capsule the globular dilatation forming the beginning of a renal tubule and surrounding the glomerulus. Called also glomerular capsule and malpighian capsule.
c's of the brain two layers of white matter in the substance of the brain; external capsule and internal capsule.
external capsule the layer of white fibers between the putamen and claustrum.
fibrous renal capsule the connective tissue investment of the kidney, which continues through the hilus to line the renal sinus.
Glisson's capsule a sheath of connective tissue accompanying the hepatic ducts and vessels through the hepatic portal. In hepatitis it may become stretched, which is a common cause of pain.
glomerular capsule Bowman's capsule.
capsule of heart pericardium.
internal capsule the fanlike mass of white fibers separating the lentiform nucleus laterally from the head of the caudate nucleus, the dorsal thalamus, and the tail of the caudate nucleus medially. The internal capsule carries both afferent and efferent fibers of the cerebral cortex.
joint capsule articular capsule.
capsule of lens the elastic sac enclosing the lens of the eye.
malpighian capsule Bowman's capsule.
capsule of pancreas a thin sheath of areolar tissue that invests the pancreas (but does not form a definite capsule), the septa of which extend into the gland and divide it into lobules.
renal c's the investing tissue around the kidney, divided into the fibrous renal capsule and the adipose renal capsule.
Tenon's capsule the connective tissue enveloping the posterior eyeball.
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joint cap·sule

a sac enclosing the articulating ends of the bones participating in a synovial joint, formed by an outer fibrous layer and an inner synovial membrane.
Synonym(s): capsula articularis [TA], articular capsule
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ar·tic·u·lar cap·sule

(ahr-tik'yū-lăr kap'sŭl)
A sac enclosing a joint, formed by an outer fibrous articular capsule and an inner synovial membrane.
Synonym(s): capsula articularis [TA] , joint capsule.
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However, FJI can directly reach the facet joint if the needle passes only through paraspinal muscles and the facet joint capsule, thereby it is less invasive and has less side effects than treatments performed in the spinal canal such as local hemorrhage and oozing, local hematoma, nerve root stimulation.
A lack of success, coupled with potential side effects such as joint damage risk via sheath connections amongst the ganglia and tendon or joint capsules has led to a general abandonment of such injections.
Furthermore, by using the technique of injecting tinted latex into the metatarsophalangeal joint capsule, we were able to visualize the structures of the metatarsophalangeal joint space and provide information on a technique for arthrography in the ostrich.
Not only ligaments, joint capsule, or parts of the intervertebral disc can elongate and may lose some of the mechanical properties, but at the same time, the tissues become vulnerable to damage and thus likely to succumb due to fatigue.
Inclusion criteria for participation in our study were as follows: (1) shoulder pain for at least 1 month, (2) global restriction of passive shoulder motion with normal findings on plain radiographs, (3) thickening of the joint capsule particularly in the axillary region and thickening of the coracohumeral ligament with no pathological findings related to the rotator cuff, labrum, long head of the biceps, or acromioclavicular joint on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) [30], and (4) no risk factors such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or thyroid disease.
Too much suction could cause injury to delicate tissue or could remove fluid from a joint capsule during an arthroscopic procedure too quickly.
Treatment usually starts with slow and progressive stretching and flexibility exercises, and sometimes corticosteroids and numbing medications are injected into the joint capsule. Even in severe cases, treatment can usually restore mobility and reduce pain in the joint in one to three years.
It will break down, but by the time it does the joint capsule has scarred enough to help limit the cranial drawer motion.
Total rupture of ATFL and associated joint capsule damage in a soccer kickabout with friends Golfer Rory McIlroy reveals the injury to his ankle ligaments forcing him out of the Open at St Andrews and risking $2million in lost earnings I wake my dad up and say, 'The wine gumsare f*** looking at me'.
He wrote: "Total rupture of left ATFL (ankle ligament) and associated joint capsule damage in a soccer kickabout with friends on Saturday.
McIlroy wrote on social media: "Total rupture of left ATFL (ankle ligament) and associated joint capsule damage in a soccer kickabout with friends.

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